Network Support Services 

National Association of Home Based Businesses, (NAHBB) and its affiliate organizations provide network support services to HomeBiz Centers . The NAHBB owns and manages an Intranet HomeSite System for home-managed businesses. The U.S.A. Home Based Business Information Superhighway combined three of the fastest-growing segments of the US economy: home based businesses, on-line communication services, and business information databases. When combined, these markets create a new Business Information Industry. The U.S.A. Home Based Business Information Superhighway is the embodiment of this industry. When fully installed we will give members and subscribers a quick and reliable source of business, trade, management, and direct and network marketing information.

The Intranet HomeSite System offers three distinct levels of marketing:

Local: United States access is attached to the National Site

National Site: services more than 200 classifications of home based businesses with nationwide marketing capabilities

International Sites: consist of eight that will connect to more than 150 countries upon completion


The Intranet HomeSite program allows each business to select the Internet marketing level that best suits their particular needs. Members of the network can obtain a listing in their home state, design their own web pages, and promote their products through banner advertisements and classifieds. Home based businesses with listings or links to our Intranet HomeSite System will have a niche market source for leads.

The Quick-Link Search Engine is a major part of the USA Home Based Business Information Superhighway. It provides an Internet HomeSite Linking Service that highlights websites listings and links on the network. Selected topics and subjects are listed on an index page alphabetically and then linked to Priority Pages by topic. Each Priority Page contains a brief overview of the listings which are then linked to a host website or page.  Our Quick-Link Search Engine has a multi-front entrance system that allows searchers and visitors to enter and search only topics of interest. Outside websites that are linked to our service must contain relevant information for home-managed businesses. There are also banner ads at the top and bottom of each Priority Page.


The NAHBB is a fifteen year old organization that provides support and development services to home managed businesses. It provides these services through business developers, consultants, business and support associates. and computer workstations.  It is considered a leader in the home-based business industry. The NAHBB is quoted and sourced monthly in national newspapers, magazines, and radio and television talk shows. It is also listed as a reference source in more than 300 books and other annual publications. The NAHBB frequently sponsors and co-sponsors educational training seminars with community colleges and other small-business organizations. 

In the year 2001, there will be more than 60 million people working from home. Of that group, about a third [18 -20 million] are estimated to be home-based businesses. The US Commerce Department reported in 1998 that more than one half of US small businesses are home based. Home-managed businesses are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. economy, with an annual growth rate of 10%. In the 21Century home-based businesses will survive the shift to the new economy through worldwide business and trade organizations. There are two new home-based business organizations authorized by the NAHBB to monitor the Internet HomeSite System. They are the  Business Trade Organization, (BTO) and the Diversified Business Organization (DBO). The Business Trade Organization consists of business members from the same trade group. The Diversified Business Organization consists of members from different business trade groups. Our Internet HomeSite Program allows the NAHBB to respond separately to each business trade group. This is made possible through accumulated databases compiled with the assistance of home-based business members.

Gone are the days when members had to gather at meeting places. On the Information Superhighway they will be able to meet by computer and to conduct nationwide meetings as often as they wish without leaving home. Our Internet HomeSites have given home managed businesses an affordable communication and marketing system that will help them meet the growth and developmental challenges demanded by the new global marketplace.